EURCAW-Poultry-SFA evaluated training material for poultry welfare assessment with focus on animal-based indicators for the three prioritized areas:

1. Assessment of welfare of broiler chicken on farm. 

2. Assessment of welfare of laying hens housed in alternative systems. 

3. Assessment of the state of consciousness after stunning for broilers and turkeys. 


The report consists of a description of existing courses and materials in use at Better Training for Safer Food (BTSF), Member States or other levels (e.g., national and regional training courses) including information on objectives, content and training materials. Moreover, the report highlights how training has evolved over time, from resource and management-based to animal-based evaluation of poultry welfare. Additionally, the report compares trainings and detects gaps on the existing animal-based indicators that have not been covered or have been only partially covered in the training materials that the EURCAW-Poultry-SFA could possibly address in the future.


Review of existing courses and materials for poultry

ANNEX 1 Better Training for Safer Food training material.

ANNEX 2 National training material.


This area will be updated regularly. The number of available items will increase over time.