Laboratory proficiency tests are a great tool to assess the application of reference methods used by EU NRLs for the detection of quarantine fungal pathogens. At the end of each proficiency test, a report with the results will be sent to all participants and EU Commission. Proficiency tests are performed under accreditation according to the ISO 17043 standard.
EURL for fungi and oomycetes will organize at least one proficiency test per year for all EU NRLs, using morphological and molecular methods for pathogen detection.
ANSES offers Leila platform for the registration, organization and participation on proficiency tests. Access and more information about the platform is available in the following link. Guides and video tutorials are provided to help with the familiarization of the platform and for the creation of user accounts.

Our last Proficiency Testings
03 June31 December2021

EURL Proficiency Test 2021

The EURL Proficiency Test for 2021 is based on the detection and...

10 July31 December2020

New dates for the EURL proficiency test about Phyllosticta citricarpa

The secon proficiency test (PT) organized by the EURL for fungi and...

19 September31 January2019

19FcirC Proficiency Test

The first proficiency test organized by EURL will start in September 2019...