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LSV - Laboratoire de la Santé des Végétaux - Plant Health Laboratory

Mycology Unit

EURL for fungi and oomycetes is hosted by the Mycology Unit of the Plant Health Laboratory of ANSES, in Malzeville, Nancy.

The laboratory is located in the Domaine de Pixérécourt site, building E (see map).

The address is:

Laboratoire de la Santé des Végétaux - Unité de Mycologie
Domaine de Pixérécourt - Bât. E, CS 40009
F54220, Malzéville, FRANCE

Email address:

How to come to the lab ?

By train: 

Nancy is very well connected by a train station located in the city centre, called Nancy Gare. TGV trains from Paris train stations arrive directly to Nancy Gare, but trains from Roissy - Charles de Gaulle airport arrive to Lorraine TGV station, located 30 km from Nancy and connected to Nancy Gare by a shuttle bus. All information about trains can be found in website: 

By public transport from Nancy:

To reach the laboratory using public transport, there is a bus line, 16, to Malzéville, departing from Nancy city centre every 15-20 minutes. These buses have a bus stop in front of Nancy train station (bus stop 'Gare Thiers Poirel').
The closest bus stop to the laboratory is called 'Malzéville' (be aware that not all buses stop at 'Malzéville' and it is necessary to stop in the previous one, 'Verlaine'). Walk for about 2 minutes (300 m) along the Av. Général Leclerc to reach the EURL laboratory, which is located in Building E, the first entrance on the left hand side of the sidewalk.

Website of Nancy's public bus:

By road:

The road passing by the laboratory is D32, Avenue du Général Leclerc.



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IOOS Renaud
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EURL Deputy Director  /  +33 (0)383290040
Pedro Pablo Pedro Pablo
Project Manager  /  +33 (0) 383233406
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