The EURL support for an accreditation process

The EURL team was happy to welcome our colleagues from the Danish NRL, Per Kryger, head of the NRL, and his technician, Anna la Cour, to support them in their process of accreditation on regulated diseases. They were welcomed by Stéphanie Franco and Véronique Duquesne, also heads of the French NRL for Bee Health, Karim Sidi-Boumedine, the bacteriology project manager and former laboratory quality manager, and Marie-Pierre Rivière, head of the HoneyBee Pathology Unit and deputy head of the EURL. After a presentation given by Per on the Danish NRL activities, fruitful discussions took place and visits of the laboratory allowed to give concrete examples on how to perform diagnosis methods compliant with international standard ISO 17025. Hence, our Danish colleagues could benefit from the expertise of Stéphanie and Véronique for methods on varroosis and infestations by Aethina tumida and Tropilaelaps spp. as well as expertise of Karim and Stéphanie for American and European foulbrood, together with Jean-Charles Thomarat, technician in bacteriology. The EURL team was delighted to welcome Per and Anna, after two years of virtual meetings, and gave them support in this process.