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The European Union Reference Laboratory organises Proficiency Tests (PTs) on detection and typing of Foot-and-Mouth disease virus in accordance with the Regulation (EU) No 2017/625.

PT panels for FMDV and SVDV detection are established for virus isolation, RT-PCR, Antigen-ELISA and VP1 sequencing. PT panels for FMD antibody detection are established for FMDV NSP antibodies, FMDV SP antibodies and SVDV antibodies detection by ELISAs or/and virus neutralisation test.

The proficiency test (PT) for FMD virus and SVD virus and antibody detection is organised annually. All EU national reference laboratories (NRLs) and other official laboratories of the network are invited to participate.

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The European Union Reference Laboratory yearly organizes a workshop, especially intended for the EU national reference laboratories (NRLs) and other official laboratories of the network.

The purpose of these workshops is to inform the participants about the activities of the EURL, to present and discuss the results of the PT, to present and discuss scientific research projects and to exchange information on EU legislation, methods and other relevant subjects.


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The EURL for FMD, among other missions, gathers data and information on the methods of diagnosis and differential diagnosis used in the different National Laboratories.

A list of methods inspired by the OIE official methods is available on this website.

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The EURL for FMD supports the functions of National Laboratories by storing and supplying reagents and materials for use in diagnosis of foot-and-mouth disease such as virus and/or inactivated antigens, standardised sera, cell lines and other reference reagents.

A list of reagents and material is available on this website.

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Foot-and-Mouth disease
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Réactifs disponibles et matériaux de référence
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Available reagents and reference materials
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The European Union Reference Laboratory organizes each year trainings specifically intended for the EU national reference laboratories (NRLs) and other official laboratories of the network.

The purpose of these sessions is to implement the further training of experts in laboratory diagnosis with the goal to harmonize the diagnostic techniques at the European and International levels.

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2021 EURL PT

From 09 February 2021 to 31 March 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sample submission

The EURL for FMD provides diagnostic services for the confirmation of vesiscular diseases and for viral characterisation.

The EURL tests samples using official techniques described in the OIE Manuel of Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines for Terrestrial Aniamals. The front-line diagnostic assays are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025.

Please contact the EURL prior submitting samples. It is important to submit adequate samples that must be packaged and shipped in accordance with the regulations in place (for more information EC, OIE, IATA, ADR..).

For any submission of samples, please fill out the sample submission form and follow the packaging/shipment instructions below.

Epidemiological situation

On this page you can find the official websites monitoring the worldwide epidemiological situation of foot and mouth disease.

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