13th Workshop - General scope

From 10 April 2019 to 12 April 2019

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Opening: EURL Lm chart, Agenda, Roll call, DG SANTE update (PLANTADY)

Network: 2018 satifaction enquiry (ASSERE), new NRLs: CETAL (HERRERA), MATIS (GEIRSTODOTTIR)

Lm context: Listeriosis in human (TAKKINEN) , Report on Lm in animal and food (RIZZI),  update EFSA-ECDC database and EFSA activity on WGS (RIZZI), Sampling and testing plants of frozen vegetables (RIZZI)

Lm detection-enumeration: Intro (BARRE), 2017 enumeration and 2018 detection PT (BARRE), Guide on PTs by NRL (LOMBARD)

Lm in food environment: Intro (BARRE), EN ISO 18593 (BARRE), Comparison of sampling techniques (BRAUGE), Revision of guidelines (BARRE), Survey of Lm in food environment (ANDERSEN), Persistence in food industry (POMILIO)

Lm characterisation/epidemiosurveillance: Intro (LEBLANC), recent outbreaks: HU (LANCZ), NO (SKJERDAL), NL (WULLINGS), Outbreaks at EURL Lm (FELIX-SAYEB), PFGE CRM (BUSSCHOTS), Support to NRLs (FELIX-SAYEB), 2018 PT (BONANNO), EFSA-ECDC database activity at EURL Lm (BONANNO), WGS genome ref. panel (SAYEB), PCR multiplex (FELIX)

Microbiological shelf-life studies: Intro (BERGIS), Amendement shelf-life guidance (BERGIS), 2018 PT on challenge test (BONANNO), EN ISO 20976-1 (BERGIS), Training (BONANNO), Training package (BERGIS)

Miscellaneous: frozen and imported foods (NEAL), LEILA (ASSERE)

Parallel sessions: detection-enumeration-shelf-life, characterisation


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Salvi Marie-Christine