Annual EU Community review of tests related to rabies: 2022 data


The EURL team is gathering data from National Reference Laboratories around the European Union. This is part of the process which allows the laboratory to accomplish one of
its duties : Coordinating the methods employed in the Member States for diagnosing rabies by collecting and collating data and information on the methods of diagnosis used and the results of tests carried out in the European Union. Every year, an online survey is indeed sent to all NRL's so they can share information and give accurate reports about the status of rabies testing in their respective countries for the past year. Through this survey, information such as number of cases per country, techniques used for passive surveillance as well as vaccination monitoring and related results are shared by the laboratories. Data collection will end on 15th April 2022.

This work is essential, as it allows the EURL to ensure a continuous monitoring of rabies test results carried out into the community and to share the generated data within the network. The EURL Team would like to thank all participants for their contribution to this year's review , as well as previous ones.