15th workshop - part 1: Detection enumeration and shelf-life

Online event

From 18 May 2021 to 18 May 2021

Part 1: Detection/enumeration and shelf-life studies

18 May 2021 13:00-17:00


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Welcome and Opening: Opening of the workshop (Laurent LALOUX, Adrien ASSERE), Roll call of participantsNetwork update (Adrien ASSERE), DG SANTE update (Martial PLANTADY)

Guidance documents: Surface sampling (Graziella MIDELET), Storage temperature (Ludivine BONANNO), Shelf-life studies for laboratories and food business operators (Hélène BERGIS)

Supports to NRLs: Implementation of EN ISO 19036 on measurement uncertainty (Bertrand LOMBARD, Léna BARRE), Ongoing work programme (Adrien ASSERE)

AOB & Closure

Asséré Adrien
Manager EURL Lm
Danan Corinne
Deputy manager EURL Lm